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14 — 16 JULY 19

Registrations For Annual Pride Parade And Streetfair 2019
Welcome to Annual Performers Festival

Multi Day Pride Fest!

Rexville Pride Fest, June 14, 2019, is an exciting street festival held at weekends leading up to the Rexville Pride Parade with up to 100,000 expected to attend. Come to see celebrating LGBTQ life, culture, and community. Each of us deserves to love who we want to love. Love is the power that unites all people in the world.

Join us this summer for a love-filled celebration of diversity, equality, and the LGBTQ community in Rexville. A great festival to experience, discuss and be proud of. We are waiting for you at Rexville Pride Parade!

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Artist Lineup

This year’s lineup features a diverse array of artists, including some seriously fierce women and a number of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender performers across all of the Rexville Pride Festival’s three stages.

Will McGarvey

Executive Director

Colin Amato

Clinical Director

Cristina Zaldana

HIV Prevention Manager and Senior Case Management

Trystan McReynolds

Youth Coordinator

Reya Fong

Intern and Program Assistant


Want to become a sponsor? For details and a customized benefits package, please contact us at (800) 111 – 123 – 4567 or 773-584-6669.

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Pride donation is a great way to support the LGBTQ community. Your contribution will help create significant changes and progress in our community.

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